Push and Popstate Example

This is a simple example of how to dynamically change the URL using Push and Popstate. This practice is becoming more common throughout sites such as Twitter and Facebook for changing a URL within the address bar without reloading another page. Typically this allows users to bookmark or share URLs when sites are using some type of infinite scroll or other ajax solutions.

Migrating from Drupal 6 to 7

(attow) Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a straight forward method for importing content nodes from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 without installing a module. Albeit, this isn't the "best" method but hopefully, this snippet will at least assist in filling the void. There are a few caveats however.

Simple PHP Pagination

This is a simple pagination snippet I wrote for a Drupal 6 module I was working on. The function will calculate the number of pages to display based on $total and $shown. In addition, it’ll append the corresponding page number to the provided $url.

Install WoW on Linux via Wine

This is a tutorial I wrote some time ago to help others that faced issues when trying to install World of Warcraft on common linux distributions. It should be noted that for this tutorial, I'm using Ubuntu with AMD display drivers.

PHP Echo vs Print

I've decided to weigh in on popular (and oddly, long standing) debate about which method is better: echo or print. In my opinion, it really depends what your trying to accomplish that will determine which you should use. Some things you should consider:

Ubuntu Server Virtual Guest

For anyone looking to setup a virtual environment, this post should save you a bit of headache. There are quite a few paths you can choose when looking to setup some type of virtual management system: Virtualbox, VMware, and KVM just to name a few. Personally, I feel as if KVM is the easiest to use and manage plus it’s free on top of being extremely easy to use via command line.